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Almost two years ago I submitted a blog that explored the question as to if air horns lead to good carry deterrents. That posting produced a bit of interest quite, so I decided to revisit the subject to see if there was anything new to report on. In particular, were there any new studies providing hard evidence as to whether air horns really work or not?

It seems that the idea of using air horns as a keep deterrent has actually gained some grip since I last frequented this topic. However, I couldn’t find anything definitive. Quite simply, I couldn’t find any studies that have actually been conducted on black bears or grizzly bears to determine the efficiency of air horns as a deterrent.

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In a recent “Ask A Bear” column, Backpacker Magazine cited a test conducted on polar bears in the 70s that found that ultrasonic frequencies fine-tuned and blasted over large audio speakers repelled bears roughly 69% of the time. This is the only study that I possibly could find that was even remotely related to my question, but it really doesn’t answer it.

One, the test was conducted on polar bears, and two, air horns weren’t found in the test. I should explain that the column also states that bear expert Stephen Herrero believes that an ultrasonic bear repellent … Read the rest

Easy Linux Tips Project

Note: for advanced users only! Acting wrongly may provide your router completely worthless (“brick it”). Furthermore, installing Tomato on your router, may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Many routers are ideal for alternative firmware. The best choice is Tomato, or rather its offspring FreshTomato (if you ask me, much better than the DD-WRT). With FreshTomato you have a tremendous great deal of tweaking possibilities, a lot more so than with the typical firmware of your router.

Plus FreshTomato is completely free, so no costs included! 7. Want more tips for cellular internet? 1. The initial Tomato is fit for a couple routers, and active development has stopped in 2010 2010. Luckily there are several forks of Tomato, some of which are being developed positively. Those forks support a complete lot more routers, including many modern ones; more about that later.

For those routers that it can support, the original Tomato continues to be an option. You can here get it. ND. THE BRAND NEW Driver wasn’t very steady, at least not this year 2010 back again, when the development of the original Tomato halted. Note: be sure to check on the Tomato website, whether your router is supported.

If not, read on: one of the Tomato forks might support your router. 2. As said, the initial Tomato has lots of forks, although not absolutely all of them are under-energetic development. Those forks support a lot more routers, support the latest security updates (at least when they’re under-energetic development) and have more … Read the rest


The Best Sleep Trackers In 2019 Reviewed And Compared

Personal rest trackers can provide a fascinating understanding into the mystical third of your life you may spend asleep. It might not be as accurate as a professional assessment, but a sleep tracker can give you useful information about the grade of your sleep and help you take steps to improve after that it. I’ve tested a wide range within the last couple of years and continue to do etc an on-going basis. And in this review, I’ll be providing you my opinion of the very most popular devices and exactly how they compare.

Some of these are also activity trackers, and although I’ll provide an overview of the activity-tracking features, my main focus shall be on the sleep monitoring aspect. How accurate are personal sleep trackers? Which kind to choose: a wearable or non-wearable? The Fitbit Versa is the most reliable of the numerous rest trackers I’ve attempted over time and is the best currently.

It’s generally accurate as it pertains to the measurements I could verify myself. For example, it can tell if I’m lying down in bed reading or asleep, in the night how often I wake up, and what time I finally wake up. So when it involves fitness tracking, it also seems impressively reliable. The step count is decent, as is my pulse at different intensity degrees of training, and automated movement tracking. Therefore the accuracy of the essential sleep data, heart rate, and motion provide some optimism that the rest-stage tracking is a decent … Read the rest


Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast Classic Tale

THERE WAS ONCE a very rich product owner who acquired three daughters; being a man of sense, he spared cost-free for their education. His daughters grew to be very beautiful, the youngest especially, who was simply called Beauty, a special name that made her sisters very jealous of her. The two eldest had a great deal of pride because these were rich. They offered themselves absurd airs and wouldn’t normally visit other merchants’ daughters, nor keep company with any but persons of quality.

They went every day to celebrations, balls, takes on, concerts, etc, and they laughed at their youngest sister, because she spent the best part of her amount of time in reading good books. Suddenly, all at one time the vendor lost his entire fortune, excepting a small country house at a good distance from town, and informed his children with tears in his eye that they must go there and work because of their living.

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The two eldest solved that they might never have to leave the city, for that they had several prominent vendors who they were sure would be pleased to keep these things, though no fortune was experienced by them. But the good women were mistaken, for his or her lovers forsook and slighted them in their poverty.

When they arrived … Read the rest


Pink And Undecided

In the end we published on the scammer’s wall structure (was it called a wall too in Friendster???) about the authorities report, intimidating her and things, even reciting the authorities report’s number (a lot drama, I understand. LOL! She cried about how her mom’s ill and she needed money (the other girl was like “I don’t effing care! You want your mum to perish by using scammed money on her behalf treatment quicker? Anyway, I had been actually just going to show you my online shopping purchases but as usual I acquired overly enthusiastic with my stories LOL. I never actually halted shopping on the internet (because it’s addictive… and oh-so-convenient!) I’m just much more cautious and stop buying from brand new online shops.

I also wouldn’t obtain an online shop which doesn’t have a LOT of testimonials. And I acquired hooked on shopping from international shops too FML recently. Now I am constantly checking on qoo10 for a good deal. Okay, containing myself. I came across Sasa’s website plus they internationally ship, yippie!

But the shipping fee is very costly (free shipping to South East Asia if you may spend USD 75 or above) therefore I never actually purchased anything until they had a promotion… free delivery worldwide for shopping USD 19 or above. First bundle from Korea, shipping (okay took forever, month or so a. Etude House’s AC Clinic Intensive Trial Kit.

See, this is purchased while I was panicking over my epidermis (read: Local product) hahaha, and … Read the rest


Hedge Fund News

Despite the recent volatility that led many to spell it out November as the ‘bloodiest’ month for hedge money, the sector is well located to take advantage of the current turmoil. He belives, “the solution requires the raising of fresh capital and the offering of impaired property to investors who’ll be capable of work them through bankruptcies or restructuring,” he said. 72%, while the MSCI World Index was down -2%. Outside distressed assets, there’s also attractive opportunities in several traditional investment areas however, not on a standalone basis.

76 Could, for example, a Lithuanian buyer rely on the BIT between China and Germany from 2003 to invoke the jurisdiction of the ICSID Centre for other matters than the amount of compensation after expropriation? Two decisions of ICSID arbitral tribunals78 are particularly relevant in this framework: Maffezini v Kingdom of Spain79 and Plasma Consortium Ltd.

Thus, the recent case-law of ICSID tribunals demonstrates even though the most-favoured-nation clause was put on dispute quality procedures, this application was limited by rules on treatment. But they did not use the most-favoured-nation clause to substitute the consent by the particular condition to ICSID jurisdiction as required by Article 25(1) of the ICSID Convention. It appears, therefore, quite improbable an ICSID tribunal encourage a case of a Lithuanian investor relying on the most-favoured-nation clause and invoking ICSID jurisdiction.

Moreover, the abovementioned decisions concerned most-favoured-nation clauses that were worded in different ways from the most-favoured-nation clause in the BIT between China and Lithuania. The particular most-favoured-nation … Read the rest