Was The Origin Of Life A Lucky Accident?

It happened only one time in the history of life-about 2 billion years ago. This sort of lucky incident may never happen on other planets, so that it that are a fluke that sentient beings evolved on Earth. We might well be for other reasons alone, but the debate that something is a fluke because it only occurred once has always bothered me. I think there is a possibility that something only happens once or seldom because the first lineage to obtain it right will exclude everyone who attempts it next.

My favorite example is the colonization of land. Surely that is easy when there is nobody on the land fairly. But once that “niche” is filled, it is a different story completely. Only one band of plants managed it, and if you try to imagine a contemporary red or brown alga aiming to compete with mosses or vascular plants you immediately see why.

A neat read, for certain, and in the face of research that present us how such things indicate a Creator, some say everything just happened. Interesting on several levels–thanks! You’ve collected some interesting facts here. Your comment about wanting to shave off your locks reminds me of the last time I needed chemo therapy.

I had to shave off my locks because they told me it would fall out and be untidy. I was timid about my looks after I visited my general probationer and she asked me if I shaved it off because the hospital … Read the rest


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