Bad Pizza, Weekends, And Fitness Trackers (Thinking Out Loud)

Has this week experienced like it’s dragging to other people? I knew this might be a rough one- it’s the last full week of college and my first 5-day work week in awhile. I also feel a little tossed off after getting back again on Sunday night and not really having time for you to adjust back to a program. But it’s Thursday, so that’s good! It also means it’s time for you to “Think ALOUD” with Amanda. My week was not off to the best start once I experienced the grossest pizza ever on Sunday night.

We ordered delivery when we were leaving the airport and the website said it would be about 45 minutes. I called after putting the order and tell them we would be home in half an hour. Well, ten minutes later I got a call from the delivery man that he was at the house. I explained the situation, and he said he’d come back. When we got home he called again a few minutes later to make sure we were home. He showed up several minutes cold pizza later…with.

This is NOT the pizza from Sunday. This is a picture of the greatest pizza ever. A weekend home without traveling I am so thrilled to have. Been so much fun stuff taking place There’s, and more to come, but it’s so nice to have a couple of days to just catch up on life. Yesterday As I mentioned, On Sunday I am supposed … Read the rest