Taxation Of Derivative Transactions

As per the Indian income tax regulations, purchase of stocks made with the aim of earning income will be looked at as business income, whereas investments made out of the intention of getting income through dividends will amount to ‘capital gain’. Say Mr. Ganesh has gained Rs. 200,000 by intraday trading/ trading in F&O.

It shall be taxable under the head Income from Business or Profession. While if he retains the stocks for a considerable period time with a target of investment i. a short term or long-term then it falls under head Capital Gains. If an individual earns income from intraday trading/ F&O and from shares held with an investment objective, then he shall have 2 portfolios. Income from intraday Trading/ F&O comes would be categorized as Business Income while Investment in shares with the intent of accumulating profits would be categorized as Capital Gains. In both full cases, a revenue and loss declaration and Balance Sheet of the business enterprise should prepare yourself and taxes will need to be decided.

  • Selling their rising market (EM) positions, and
  • Able to expose which stocks are currently on your watchlist
  • Companies or individuals seeking substitute investments such as real estate and hedge funds
  • Killam Properties (KMP) – $ 14.40
  • Home improvement
  • If produces fall, a personal debt fund manager will do every one of the following except
  • Investing in Your Own Skills
  • Personal Money Management options to help budget expenses and monitor spending

In determining the income/ deficits from intraday, business … Read the rest


5 Home Improvements THAT ARE NOT Worth It

You may choose to think twice before investing in these do-it-yourself projects. When it comes to home improvement, the set of potential projects can be challenging – specifically for homeowners looking to sell in the near future. Buyers might appreciate upgrades you make, but chances are they won’t be willing to pay more on their behalf.

Before you attempt the following projects, weigh what makes sense for you as an ongoing owner against your timeline for offering the home. And of course, if you have your heart set using one of the true home improvements, do it now – not everything is about money.

It can be attractive to entirely retrofit your kitchen in hopes of garnering a higher selling price. 1 spent, which is one of the lowest numbers on this list for such a high financial result. If you’re thinking about selling in the next year or two, you might like to leave the full-scale remodel to the new owners. Minor kitchen updates, on the other hand, can be worth your time and money.

Remodel the areas of your kitchen that you use the most, and miss the extras. Pools seem just like a sure wager for increasing the value of your home, but the truth is they aren’t always worthy of the investment as it pertains to the offering. 20,000 in home value. Take the environment into consideration too: A pool in the year-round, the sunshine of Florida will probably be worth more than a few months … Read the rest


PRIMUS Business Management

In 2005, while working as a consultant to nonprofits, I learned of the 10 % rule that a lot of nonprofits were striving to achieve. The ten-percent guideline was a theoretical limit on how much funds a nonprofit should spend on Administrative costs. The reality is one of two things, either larger nonprofits didn’t even make an effort to hit this mark with most hovering around a thirty-percent administrative rate.

Or they were able to label costs and positions in a way that made them appear more program centered that they were. The 10 % rule without a practical plan still holds an ideological truth to all businesses. How will you, a business leader, reduce the cost of the administrative work to be able to spend more resources on the core mission of your business?

There is vital work for each company; accounting, individual source management, marketing, administrative support. All these are not wishful thinking items just, but instead, they are critical to the survival of your company. But way too many leaders think the cost is a deterrent and finish up suffering the painful truth that insufficient this work is the cause of most businesses failing. One way of avoiding this painful truth while also getting the most out of your limited resources is to outsource some of the task. An effective and cost-effective consultant should be able to fit into one of four categories.

4. Management: Find a company with qualified specialists that can do your day to … Read the rest