In the end we published on the scammer’s wall structure (was it called a wall too in Friendster???) about the authorities report, intimidating her and things, even reciting the authorities report’s number (a lot drama, I understand. LOL! She cried about how her mom’s ill and she needed money (the other girl was like “I don’t effing care! You want your mum to perish by using scammed money on her behalf treatment quicker? Anyway, I had been actually just going to show you my online shopping purchases but as usual I acquired overly enthusiastic with my stories LOL. I never actually halted shopping on the internet (because it’s addictive… and oh-so-convenient!) I’m just much more cautious and stop buying from brand new online shops.

I also wouldn’t obtain an online shop which doesn’t have a LOT of testimonials. And I acquired hooked on shopping from international shops too FML recently. Now I am constantly checking on qoo10 for a good deal. Okay, containing myself. I came across Sasa’s website plus they internationally ship, yippie!

But the shipping fee is very costly (free shipping to South East Asia if you may spend USD 75 or above) therefore I never actually purchased anything until they had a promotion… free delivery worldwide for shopping USD 19 or above. First bundle from Korea, shipping (okay took forever, month or so a. Etude House’s AC Clinic Intensive Trial Kit.

See, this is purchased while I was panicking over my epidermis (read: Local product) hahaha, and appeared a month later FML. I paid a total of IDR 236.500 for these two including delivery (oh plus IDR 7000 for repackaging or something. NOT amazing, could’ve gotten similar offer in local online shops. The seller gave me a few free-examples (sachets). I paid IDR 92.260 (around USD 9) limited to both including shipping! Actually for both purchases I could’ve paid less if I chose the free-delivery, but free shipping sent via normal postage and I REALLY DO NOT trust it! So I would rather pay more to get delivery with tracking amounts provided.

I’m an extremely obsessive and paranoid person therefore I constantly need to feel safe! The seller is very good with examples (two bottles in the picture) despite me purchasing such cheap things. And the last bundle was from Sasa, the free shipping is expedited shipping so that it was really fast! Like, five days after they sent the stuffs I received them already! I spent USD 23.50 only for all of these!

Sasa Water Plus Brightening Cleansing Lotion (250 ml) for USD 4.30. It had been on sale and I’m huge on skin care so I needed this! Also, Kose Softymo Speedy Cleaning oil (60 ml) for USD 3.90. I love cleansing oils! I favor them than any other forms, but they are not very easily available in Indonesia so I always get a few whenever I’m abroad, now with Sasa online I don’t need to wait until oversea vacations to have them! Savex Cherry Lip Balm (10g), they may be on sale!

Two for USD 2.80! Ocean’s Soda Can CARBONATED DRINKS Lip Balm in Grape (4g), this one also on sale buy 1 get 1! I got both for USD 1.80. I’m a sucker for lip balms, lovely ones, and fruity ones especially, I have no idea how much I have (never dared to count them).

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The soda is one able to is super cuteeeee! I said “try twisting it Hun, twist it!” and true enough that’s how you open it jazz. Color and smells so lovely ughh I want to lick emmmm also! One Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Enrich Lip Balm (5.5 g). Saw this at some Indonesian blogger’s site and I went beserk.

I HAVE TO HAVE THIS! Need to have to! It’s pricey USD 10.70 but I didn’t care and attention because I really wanted it haha. Actually I noticed the heart designed mini-version but Sasa didn’t stock them (or maybe it’s an example, special model one I don’t know) and I quickly saw the rose designed one and I used to be like “good enough!