On Sunday Monica and I am going to Kensington Olympia, West London for the Olympia Beauty show. I’d authorized to attend the big event when I first began blogging in February and had been looking forward to attending for some time. We found its way to the afternoon and headed straight to the press area to access grips with what the show got on offer. We were also lucky to be booked in for some complimentary beauty treatments enough.

I’d been booked in for a lashes treatment with Nouveau Lashes and was super thrilled to have my first set of individual lashes applied. However, I hadn’t really thought forward with my constitute choice. I would recommend not wearing constitute if you are having this treatment done as it is frustrating to remove everything during your appointment. My lashes certainly looked fuller and longer afterwards, which is something I would think about having done again.

Monica got a ‘makeover’ session with Jane Iredale makeup products, and as a person who usually steers clear of natural powder centered foundations, it was interesting to see it applied and the way the finish looked. Both of us got interviewed for the Olympia Beauty 2014 video on our applying for grants blogging and the industry that were an interesting experience and after having I had a manicure it was to the show! We made sure we headed to the NYX Cosmetics stand where Monica and I checked out everything they had on offer. I’m a massive enthusiast of NYX and wish it was more accessible to buy to get here in the united kingdom. We picked up a few bits and then wandered around.

We checked out OPI who experienced an incredible stand with every color toenail Polish you could ever want and then it was onto Skincare. On the dial (International Institute For ANTI-AGING) stand we had a complimentary pores and skin analysis carried out. Now, I’m a little of a massive cynic and I always these ‘results’ with a pinch of sodium.

I can not be alone in thinking that skin-care ‘institutes’ should be natural? After a less than impressive skin ‘analysis’ it was onto Dermalogica for another pores and skin consultation. We finished the day off by popping to the stunning brows stand and Monica volunteered to be the Guinea pig and have the product tested on her.

Although the powder and stencils appeared to work well on her, I’m not sure if it justifies the £30 price tag, when my beloved Anastasia DipBrow Pomade comes in at £15. Overall, day trip – however we’d fun, I was remaining feeling just a little disappointed by having less commercial brands exhibiting. We found there were a lot of false tan and nail brands on show, but not way too many recognizable make up brands – but as bloggers, we weren’t exactly the target demographic of the show. I definetly recommend participating in a beauty show as it’s a terrific way to see what’s out there and check out new products. I’d love to listen to what your preferred beauty show is! I want to know in the comments!

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Please, be sure you are aware of the special characteristics of the EO before making a decision to utilize them. Using purchased unscented cream bottom just gives the lotion an extended shelf life. Connect with cleansed and toned face nightly. Here are two recipes for bath what to add to your basket. If you want to make your gift a bit more special to put in a votive candle as well as perhaps a soothing CD or cassette tape. 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil. Lavender or Grapefruit are good bath choices. Place salts into a canning drop and jar in the fundamental essential oil. Placed on lid, and shake, shake, shake it up well.

This can be packaged right in the jar itself with a pretty ribbon or a little bit of raffia tied across the lid. After filling up the tub with comfortably hot water, add ½ to at least one 1 cup of the shower salts. Mix around with your foot sit in then, relax and enjoy! Produce 2 quarts of drinking water to a boil in a saucepan and add the pouch of natural herb tea. Let steep for half an hour.

Draw a nice warm bath. Before stepping in Just, pour in bath “tea” combined with the pouch of herbal products. Relax so long as you want in this wonderful shower. Rub the pouch of herbs on your skin for added pleasure. There it is got by you. The fun part is putting it all together in a basket. Then add pretty dried flowers, herbs, or spices and pinecone. It will make sure to please. Don’t forget to make at least one extra basket of goodies for yourself. Remember to relax!