The cabinet on 19 April 2016 approved the new personal tax structure, that will take effect from the 2017 taxes year. It’ll see those who earn a monthly income of up to Bt25,833 no more be responsible for personal tax after hikes in the caps on personal and expense allowances enter into force.

Approval was given to the hike in the trouble allowance cap to 50 percent of annual income, but not exceeding Bt100,000. The non-public allowance was doubled to Bt60,000. The new framework will abolish the cover on the kid allowance also, which currently is bound to three children. As well as the allowance per child will double to Bt30,000.

The new structure includes boosts in the income band for the 30-percent bracket to Bt2-5 million from Bt2-4 million, with the top rate of 35 percent starting from Bt5 million. The five percent, ten percent, 15 percent, 20 percent, and 25-percent income bands stay unchanged. One industry commentator mentioned that the government’s move to restructure the non-public tax was reasonable, for the reason that it reflected the bigger cost of living. Cabinet authorization of the new personal tax structure arrived in the first week back again to work following the kingdom’s annual Songkran holiday, calendar year in the middle of April, which celebrates the traditional Thai New.

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The Federal government rolled out a tax deduction scheme because of this year’s Songkran vacation, where taxpayers are shelling out for dining and traveling domestically within the kingdom will be able to utilize this against their taxable income. This followed a similar system to spur spending put in place in December 2015, which allowed a taxes deduction as high as Bt15, year holiday 000 on purchases made through the New.

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