There isn’t just one sort of liver organ problem. Read the caution symptoms and how vets diagnose and treat liver organ diseases in dogs and cats. WHAT’S Liver Failure? Liver failing is when one or all of these are disrupted. Therefore we can see failing of absorption of nutrition, an accumulation of poisons, or a lack of essential stuff like blood clotting factors. The liver is vital to the normal function of the physical body. Most of the time, we diagnose liver disease much earlier because of elevations in liver enzymes on routine blood testing. You can find out about our vet’s dog here.

Effects on the brain, called hepatic encephalopathy, are caused by poisons (often from food) bypassing the liver organ and entering the overall circulation. Most of the time this is due to a failing liver being struggling to deal, but occasionally we see a congenital form in pups (see later). You can find out about the successful treatment of a dog with hepatic encephalopathy here.

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This page explains all the features of a routine health and fitness blood test. Inside the long list are several that reveal about liver health. When enzymes are elevated, it can show harm to the cells that contain them. The design of elevations can tell us a great deal but it’s important to keep in mind that no enzyme is 100% specific to the liver.

For example, all young pets have an increased ALP due to bone production. Elevations in bilirubin can mean either a failure of removal by the liver organ or a rise in the creation, such as using anaemias. Low albumin can mean liver failure, but the excessive reduction from the kidneys or gut also.

No diagnosis and for that reason no certain treatment can be made just by looking at the routine lab results. Each one of these do is reveal that something is wrong. To be able to get a definitive answer, we need further testing. Sometimes a liver biopsy will show us that enzyme elevations (especially ALP) is not associated with liver organ failure at all. Vaccination against canine viral hepatitis has managed to get so uncommon that people haven’t seen a full case in Adelaide.

By you will see there is not one treatment structured only on elevated enzymes. Each disease has a particular treatment that I won’t cover here. Several can be healed and lead to a whole recovery even. If the liver function cannot be restored on track, or disease is ongoing, we would recommend some of the next treatments.