Training is the foundation of a good department. It is so vital that without it an organization is doomed. I am not merely speaking of in-house training and hands-on approaches. Departments need to take advantage of other training that’s available to them. FEMA, for example, offers a multitude of valuable training materials and courses through its website, allowing firefighters to get more knowledge in their off-time. The more we know as firefighters, the better we are suitable for perform our careers. I am viewing more and more departments shy from hands-on classes away, preferring training in the classroom.

While classroom training has its place, it generally does not simulate the real-life occasions and situations that we will face out in the field. If a firefighter knows they shall be using a thermal camera on fire ground operations, they should take it out and go around the grouped community to get used to the device. If a firefighter’s job is to ventilate house fires, they should visit the community they serve and physically see what they would want to do on certain homes to properly ventilate them. It is also important to find people who wish to train and progress as a device.

These will be the ones who should take management assignments in the department and be on leading of the strike during a fire. In my experience, There is that volunteers often disregard specific classes since they see them boring or don’t think they will be helpful. That is a foolish thought, if you ask me rather. All training can make us better at what we do. Every volunteer firefighter should take pride in their section and in the community they provide. Understand that it is approximately the key or around the associates of the department never. It is about the city we provide and protect always.

The community needs to have faith in both of you as a firefighter and as a person. Even something as simple as handing out flyers to the people will show that you caution enough about them to go the extra step. Teach fireplace safety at local colleges. Do vacation events for the community.

Host community clean-up projects. Volunteers may take the “it’s-just-volunteer-work-so-I-am-not-showing-up” mentality. That is a direct representation of too little pride and emotional investment in the department and it is something that people cannot afford to put on with. Pride originates from adoring what you do, and the fire service is riddled with people that like to have the title of firefighter simply. Even worse, some social people just want to drive around with lighting and sirens on their cars. Favoritism continues to be a concern I see and hear about on a regular basis with the firefighters I talk to.

The reality is that every member must have an equal say in issues pertaining to the section since most of us do the task. I understand that department heads should make the final decision on some of these issues, but no firefighter must have expert over another without any justification. For example, all members should know about a large purchase that’s being made, not just a select few. Otherwise, it seems like there is a hierarchy that some firefighters are better than the others. If this type of imbalance happens, it generates a tense work environment and begins to cause chaos.

When one firefighter is shown special treatment, it gives that known member a feeling of superiority and causes other associates to feel less important. As a result, they might slack off on their responsibilities. Sometimes leaders forget that other firefighters are valuable to decision-making, which can eventually lead to some serious negative feedback.

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Input can make or break a chain of success. Maybe you disagree with someone’s advertising but can’t voice your opinion because the chief or table of directors does not have something of bank checks and balances set up. A feedback system is something that takes time to repair, but it is worth your time and effort before a section becomes total chaos.

= $ =p> I can not. Dedication is not a measure of friendship outside of the station, but a measure of one’s willingness to go the excess mile inside the station and on fire grounds. When you have joined a division just to have the ability to say you’re a firefighter, then give up for God’s sake! A genuine firefighter will show up to all training occasions and classes, including road blocks and other fundraisers.