Who is British Airways? British Airways is an airline company created in 1974 following its board was established by the British government. Originally British Airways was four different air travel companies and later merged into one. It’s the second-largest flag carrier airline of the up behind EasyJet. British Airways started merging with holding companies in 2011 to acquire a global appearance.

As the business keeps growing so is its technical advancements. This is great for an organization that is expanding, but as they are continuing to grow and advance they don’t appear to be taking the correct precautions when it comes with their security protocols. There have been occasions where British Airways has been under cyber attacks. Although they follow protocols for the aftermath of the attack, they have to develop something that will eliminate or diminish the attacks. In the British Airway data breach details of passengers’ credit cards were taken.

In the summer of 2018, cyber-criminals stole payment credit card details from around 500,000 passengers who bought flights on the British Airway website, application, or through Avis. “The non-public data comprised the people’ name, travel plans, billing address, email address, and payment cards details, and the three-digit security code from the trunk of the card” (Calder).

A code was injected on the British Airways website and app as well as for three weeks information was being stolen. With British Airways, being one of the largest airlines in the United Kingdom to allow them to experience a data breach means that millions of their customers are in the risk of having vital information stolen.

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230 million for the info breach that happened last year (Satariano). Under the European data-safety law, this is actually the largest penalty against an organization for personal privacy lapses. “Frustrated that businesses were not doing enough to safeguard people’s online information, Year adopted a new law European policymakers last, the overall Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” (Satariano). Regulators are breaking down on companies like British Airways, because these businesses are not under position the importance of keep their data protected. British Airways has already established numerous incidence with data breaches, the year but they were not as big as the one they faced last.

The main stakeholders in this controversy case will be the 500,000 customers that got their information stolen through the hack. Out of those 500,000 some must deal with financial burdens that the hack brought upon them. Even beyond the customers that got their information stolen our traders that are participating with British Airways.

Even though this company is quickly growing investors have to consider if they want to keep purchasing a company that is susceptible to cyber attacks. An individualism theory looks to maximize the businesses’ revenue. This theory analyzes a way to maximize happiness. This theory will take the medial side of the stakeholder and considers their overall happiness with the decisions that were made. In the British Airline case, their overall happiness it due to the lack of a decision being made. This theory would view the British Airways case as unethical due to their lack of understanding in protecting their customers’ information.