Has this week experienced like it’s dragging to other people? I knew this might be a rough one- it’s the last full week of college and my first 5-day work week in awhile. I also feel a little tossed off after getting back again on Sunday night and not really having time for you to adjust back to a program. But it’s Thursday, so that’s good! It also means it’s time for you to “Think ALOUD” with Amanda. My week was not off to the best start once I experienced the grossest pizza ever on Sunday night.

We ordered delivery when we were leaving the airport and the website said it would be about 45 minutes. I called after putting the order and tell them we would be home in half an hour. Well, ten minutes later I got a call from the delivery man that he was at the house. I explained the situation, and he said he’d come back. When we got home he called again a few minutes later to make sure we were home. He showed up several minutes cold pizza later…with.

This is NOT the pizza from Sunday. This is a picture of the greatest pizza ever. A weekend home without traveling I am so thrilled to have. Been so much fun stuff taking place There’s, and more to come, but it’s so nice to have a couple of days to just catch up on life. Yesterday As I mentioned, On Sunday I am supposed to run a 5k. I’m not sure what things to expect from the race because of the weather.

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  • Thin Ice (1937)
  • Fun with friends
  • Secure a loan
  • Today ends the carb overloads
  • Health Club Membership Retention
  • Peripheral neuropathy

It will probably be quite warm out, so I’ll just do what I could. I’m not sure if I will take a rest day Friday and do a simple run on Saturday, or vice-versa. Sometimes it’s nice to truly have a weekend day with no workout, to take full benefit of the day off. WHILE I don’t run, I rarelyenter 10,000 steps.

Actually, my Vivofit has decided to make my goal 11,000- I assume this is based on my average something or steps. So it’s kind of funny because Rob has a Fitbit, and he must take much bigger steps than me because we can run or walk the same distance and I’ll always have more steps than him. He recommended it is worn by me on my still left wrist to find out if that made an improvement. It didn’t, but I assume the Fitbits have a setting for “dominant hand” maybe meaning that it overcalculates because you move that hand more or something?

I think my tracker only monitors steps, because burgers don’t count number as steps. As that kind of sucks, because they’re like the hardest thing ever. Have you ever had really terrible pizza? What exactly are you doing this weekend? Do you have a fitness tracker? If so, does it rely burgers?

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