To achieve financial self-reliance, insurance will form a crucial piece of one’s financial armor. The keyword is protection. Critical illness may strike and inevitably inflict much toll in the painstaking built up of investments and savings. Also, if one were to pass away instantly, it might be irresponsible to leave your loved ones attempting on their own totally. It really is plain stupidity to argue that one should channel all resources into investments as quickly as possible to take benefit of the bigger yield.

Our proprietary data analytics management uncovers new opportunities for health-wellbeing visits and 24/7/365 monitoring of people with persistent conditions. Gambit (OTCQB: IGMB) is a completely confirming publicly-held company. Information on our web-site will not comprise the right part of the press release. SMITHTOWN, N.Y., June 19, 2018 (Globe Newswire) iGambit, Inc. (OTCBB: IGMB) is pleased to announce that it has inserted into a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with Winpoint Health LLC. Winpoint Health is a fresh York-based chronic care management company that screening patients between office visits by leveraging both first-in-class technology and a fully trained clinical team of healthcare professionals.

HealthDatix identifies the patient’s eligibility for Medicare-reimbursed doctor visits to gain access to and help out with the well-being and cultivation of a wholesome lifestyle. Our WellDatix Annual Wellness Visit offers a comprehensive preventive treatment plan including all the precautionary screening process and services an individual requires to keep a healthy, balanced life. By applying HealthDatix’s superior Medicare-recommended care plan alongside Winpoint Health’s treatment managers to perform first in-class patient care delivery, we can ensure the patient is on track for reduced chronic condition episodes while reducing their cost of treatment. The HealthDatix AWV/HRA also identifies those patients who require additional monitoring to boost their health. Our BioDatix Wristband wearable medical monitor offers round-the-clock monitoring, passively collecting data without impacting the patient’s schedule.

Utilizing the Winpoint treatment team and the BioDatix WristBand, patients are provided a clear path to improved health insurance and lower out-of-pocket costs. By implementing a highly effective technology-driven oversight and compliance program, our solution can significantly decrease the number of hospitalization rates, re-hospitalization rates, and augment nursing home positioning. This approach will also greatly reduce overall medical spending.

John Salerno, Chairman of iGambit mentioned: We are very excited on this merger, it is a logical next step that creates considerable value for our customers and the stockholders of HealthDatix and Winpoint Health. It not only benefits patients, and healthcare providers, but it expands the marketplace to reach for both entities making a powerhouse of healthcare technology and a liquid-patient delivery system. The growth potential is well-documented.

Eighty percent of Medicare beneficiaries have two or more persistent conditions, which is the qualifying requirements to enroll in Chronic Care Management (CCM) program. Over 71 cents of each healthcare dollar in America is spent on those with multiple, persistent conditions. The global wearable medical devices market size was appreciated at USD 3.9 billion in 2014 and is expected to develop with a CAGR of 28% on the forecast period.

Increasing demand for technologically advanced wearable medical devices, increasing awareness regarding conditioning, arrival of new smartphone-linked health care applications, and the growing demand for wireless connection in the health care industry are the key factors propelling the overall industry. The BioDatix WristBand will be matching with our FDA-approved Electronic House Call as an additional leading-edge digital patient-monitoring program for the Winpoint Health chronic treatment program.

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We anticipate it to be completely deployed by the end of next one-fourth. Pursuant to the LOI, IGI would buy all the outstanding stocks of “Winpoint” and would believe all the business procedures of “Winpoint”. “Winpoint” would operate as a wholly possessed subsidiary of IGI. 2,000,000 equity investments into Winpoint. The thought for the purchase would be as follows: Winpoint shareholders and the equity investors (collectively, “WP Shareholders”) shall get IGI Common Shares adds up to 65% of the released and outstanding shares post Transaction.

Gambit Inc. estimations a closing within 60-90 times from the putting your signature on of the Letter of Intent and the commencement of homework. The LOI has certain binding and non-binding obligations, and the transaction is subject to various conditions to closing, including the satisfactory conclusion of due diligence, the authorization of the Company’s shareholders, if required, and definitive paperwork.