WHY DOES BRIDAL MAKEUP COST A LOT? Well to begin with does it certainly cost a lot? When you stop to actually think about what you are getting for the cost …it doesn’t really. “Can I afford to have my makeup professionally done? If you don’t think makeup and hair is that big a deal then just go ahead and hire an inexpensive, unprofessional and stay up forever the night before your wedding day wondering if they’ll actually arrive.

Many nonprofessionals don’t have even contracts with you to allow them to at the last second take another job that is larger which means additional money for them leaving one to now panic and become desperate to find a replacement. I have got many a bride call me at the last minute in panic mode because her ‘cheap’ Craigslist makeup artist bailed on her behalf. So let’s break it down some more and see what you truly get that costs so much. Well to begin with, you get the luxury of not having to leave your home or accommodation day of to travel to a store counter-top before everyone to be rushed and get the makeup done.

A professional packages up all her products and travels for you day of and you get to relax in your pajamas with your maids sipping mimosas. It is your 1 day to feel pampered and like a celebrity. Imagine Kim K or Beyonce doing their own makeup and hair for the Oscars…not going to happen. Imagine Kim K or Beyonce looking for a makeup or hairstylist on Craigslist….not going to occur. Celebrities KNOW the value of good ‘quality’ makeup and locks people.

You are spending money on the training classes that we try keep informed or more to time. You are spending money on our understanding of what products to use that are camera friendly and which to avoid. You are paying us to know appropriate makeup for many age groups, different skin skin and types conditions, and which products work for both.

You are paying us for the different ‘techniques’ that we have mastered to be able to ensure your makeup lasts ALL DAY LONG! You are paying us to bring to life your ‘eyesight’ of how you want to appear and feel on your entire day! You are paying for us to know about proper sanitary conditions.

50.00 makeup artist cares about proper sanitary conditions? 50.00 makeup musician invests in top quality product in her kit? We out don’t back. Day seriously We take your wedding, and offer you with the best in a ‘luxury’ service. I know ‘PRO’ makeup artists’ which have skipped family reunions, vacations, even wakes and funerals never to let down a bride-to-be.

  • Ben Nye spirit gum
  • Winning Prizes
  • The perfect couple of shoes
  • Don’t rush your bedtime cleansing
  • They were mummified to please the animal deities (i.e. as offerings to the gods)
  • Taking a detour
  • Create an elixir to assist with various skin issues related to ageing

We give up all of our summer weekend times to provide you services to make your day FABULOUS. We take action happily because we LOVE what we should do…but we have to price accordingly still, and I’m pleased to participate an industry, part of a combined band of experts who care, truly care for their brides.

50.00 Craigslist makeup musician is going to care and attention about you the way a PRO bridal makeup artist will. As freelance makeup artist’s we set our prices to reflect many things including to take into account time spent with you. The amount of time spent with emails, telephone calls, texting, and face-to-face meetings.

Keeping our products and packages washed and well stocked. Many of these devote some time out of our morning and have to be factored into the cost. We should cover all the expenses associated with being self-employed. There are Insurance costs, products costs, advertising costs, website update costs; and we have to pay taxes too just like everyone else. That is our ‘business’.

This isn’t a hobby. The confidence and peace of mind that your makeup artist and hair stylist will be turning up to cause you to beautiful. “OMG, I didn’t know I possibly could appear to be this”. You cannot put a cost on that! You can put a price on confidence and peace of mind. I really like what I do which is what I bring to the world. You have to look at the bigger picture and not only focus on dollar amounts here. You invest a lot time and money and effort to get the perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect photographer that will see your ‘vision’ for your day.