Submission and Return of Term Work: Papers must be handed directly to the instructor and can not be date-stamped in the departmental office. Late projects may be submitted to the drop package in the corridor outside B640 Loeb. Assignments will be retrieved every business day at 4 p.m., stamped with this day’s date, and distributed to the instructor then.

For essays not came back in class, please connect a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want to have your project returned by mail. Please, note that assignments sent via fax or email will not be accepted. Final examinations are designed for the goal of evaluation and will not be returned solely.

Grading: Assignments and examinations will be graded with a percentage quality. To convert this to a letter grade, or even to the university-12-point system, please make reference to the following table. Grades: Final marks are derived from the conclusion of course assignments. Failure to write the final exam will result in the grade ABS. Deferred final exams are available ONLY if the student is in good standing up in the course.

Approval of final levels: Standing in a course depends upon the course trainer at the mercy of the authorization of the Faculty Dean. Which means that grades submitted by an instructor might be at the mercy of revision. No grades are final until they have been approved by the Dean. Carleton E-mail Accounts: All email communication to students from the Department of Political Science will be via recognized Carleton college or university e-mail accounts and/or clear. As important course and University information is distributed this way, it is the student’s responsibility to monitor their Carleton and clear accounts. Carleton Political Science Society: The Carleton Political Science Society (CPSS) has made its mission to provide a cultural environment for politically likely students and faculty.

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  • Partnerships with many adjunct professors and guest audio speakers from the professional community
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Holding social occasions, debates, and panel discussions, CPSS aspires to involve all political science students at Carleton University. Our mandate is to set up social and educational activities to be able to instill a feeling of owed within the Department and the bigger University community. Members will benefit through numerous opportunities that may enhance both academic and interpersonal life at Carleton University. Official Course Outline: The course outline posted to the Political Science website is the official course outline.

Retailers sit in a very important position in terms of information gain access to for the supply chain. Retailers have risen to the positioning of prominence through systems. The use of technology enables the manufacturers to learn how much to produce according to the demand in the market. · Inventory level: This consists of the materials that are used in the creation of certain goods and the finished products that will be ready to transit. · Sales data: The sales data integrated with the purchases that are placed to the suppliers forms an important component of the process making sure lower inventory and higher amount of inventory turnovers.