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I have not but to attempt all of the “flavors” of masks too. I tested 3 to this point and let me inform you a bit, without making this publish super long. All masks come in 3 stages of hydration: water base (mild and recent), Essence base (deeply, hydration), and Cream base (intensely nourishing).

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  • My pores and skin is dehydrated and ashy. What do I do if my dry pores and skin flakes

They’re made from 100% eucalyptus fibers. The booklet I bought contained following: Green Tea (hydrates and nourishes), Pomegranate (brightness, and corporations), Rose (brightness, and smooths), Lime (brightness, and hydrates), Bamboo (moisturizes, and replenishes), Manuka Honey (moisturizes and replenishes), Acai Berry (companies and smooths). And Fig (tone and brightening). Rose – the first one I tried out of all of them. I like any skincare with rose in it.

It give brighter and smoother pores and skin and it comprises rose flower juice as a fundamental ingredient. It has very nice rose scent to it. Which I adore! I saved the mask on for about 20 min, after which I took it off and rub remaining essence into my skin and neck.

Skin definitely look extra hydrated and clean. This mask is water based mostly. How are you able to tell, properly look at the bottom, proper corner you either will see a water bottle, serum bottle, or cream jar, and that how will you tell which level of hydration every mask includes. Acai Berry – it has a cream base hydration. Acai Berry is a strong antioxidant and has anti-aging properties. This mask is a so much thicker then rose one as it’s cream based mostly. It is absolutely moisturizing.

Should you skin feels dry, this one could be the best choice. Green Tea – the essence is so hydrating and moisturizing on this mask. Again this the water primarily based mask and the essence to stay on the mask. I really like how my pores and skin felt after it. Hydrated and my pores appeared smaller. It has a gentle scent to it nothing loopy. This one on par with rose are my favorite.