Menon, R., Crawford, P., Lee, E. and Kotval-K, Z. (2018) ‘The restaurant experience and its own associations with social capital and quality of life’, Int. J. Happiness and Development, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp.159-180. Escalating atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide are to blame for forcing upward developments in global temperatures through the greenhouse effect.

Yet, another carbon-containing molecule, methane, is also a potent greenhouse gas. Researchers from Australia and India are actually asking whether bacteria that can “digest” methane could be utilized to lessen global warming? Goyal, A. and Shukla, J.B. ‘Can methane oxidising bacteria reduce global warming? A modelling study’, Int. J. Global Warming, Vol.

15, No. 1, pp.82-97. People drink a lot of coffee. And, that means a lot of waste materials coffee grounds to get rid of. This organic matter could be repurposed though. An exploratory case study by researchers from Indonesia into coffee shop waste shows that it could not be viable for a person coffee shop to recycle its waste as the mass at this level is too small. However, an authorized might be able to supply the technology and the human resources to take on such a task.

Waste coffee grounds might then be transformed and combined economically into useful environment-friendly materials such as agricultural or garden fertilizer. The team suggests that there is a “green” business opportunity predicated on collection and recycling of espresso grounds from coffee shops at least in the urban farming community of Surabaya.

Usman, I. and Nanda, P.V. ‘Green business opportunity of coffee floor waste through reverse logistics’, J. Global Business Advancement, Vol. 10, No. 6, pp.721-737. “The more we learn and find knowledge, the greater empowered and better would our lives become,” so suggest analysts in India who’ve studied the idea of lifelong learning. Christie, L.G. and Kumar, G. (2018) ‘The dependence on lifelong learning’, Int. J. Learning and Intellectual Capital, Vol.

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Let go of the belief that only you may make decisions. Concentrate on the most crucial problems or issues facing your company. Let others give you a hand. Give your people responsibility and authority. Enduring inadequate management. A universal problem experienced by Successful companies keeps growing beyond management resources or skills. As the business grows, you may surpass certain individuals’ ability to manage and plan.

If a big change is needed, don’t lower your standards merely to fill vacant positions or to accommodate someone inside your organization. Decide on the skills necessary for the position and insist these are acquired by the individual. So, the founder’s attitude, ability to be objective, willingness to generate needed help, and share power are all essential to success.

Xitaa haddii aadan jeclaan xirfadahaaga qoraal ama aad leedahay tayo barnaamijyada ah, weli aad samayn karto qoraal madaxbanaan. Leexiyo waa shaqo faahfaahsan, laakiin nasiib wanaag aad u samayn karaa wakhti kasta oo ah habeen iyo maalin toona. Hubi goobaha la mid ah ee kor ku qoran. A dhigeysaa cookies ugu quruxda badan iyo helaa dhacdooyin si ay u iibiso sannadka oo dhan dheer – dhalashada, fasaxyada, xisbiyada kubada cagta, liiska waa dhamaadka lahayn.