1 Geek”, and how after a series of circumstances, both fall in love with one another, or, rather, Beauty finally realizes how much Geek enjoys her, and she in turn becomes receptive to his love. How many times have we heard about this run-of-the-mill tale before? Hmm… Let’s see now – Notting Hill, Shrek, You are cherished by me, Beth Cooper, and undoubtedly, the Disney basic, Beauty, and the Beast, to name just a few.

So what makes Pyaar Impossible any not the same as these movies? The whole story begins with the protagonists in college, where Alisha Merchant (Priyanka Chopra) does not acknowledge the existence of Abhay Sharma (Uday Chopra), despite his conserving her life. The biggest drawback of the movie is its script, penned by Uday Chopra.

Yeah, that’s right. Uday Chopra. Written the dialogues of the movie as well He’s. Anyway, addressing the point back, it is hard to believe that Abhay is ‘in love’ with the college hottie, Alisha, with whom he’s never exchanged a single good word. So, basically, the audience was created to understand that she is loved by him for her looks, and her looks alone (for no other explanation is given in the movie). He confesses to still be ‘in love’ with her after seven years (even while his dad, played by Anupam Kher, classifies it properly as an obsession). The audience is wanted by The movie to think that love transcends the boundaries of physical beauty.

Alright, so maybe it does. But then, what explains the scene where Abhay explains Alisha how people falling only for good-looking people is a “duniya ka neeyam”? Isn’t that fairly ironic, considering the fact that Abhay himself is a part of that vicious neeyam, having fallen for the beautiful and daring Alisha? Unfathomable is Ms. Alisha’s stupidity in trusting her 6-year-old little girl, Tania (Advika Yadav) to a male nanny whom she has just fulfilled, as is her reaction when Abhay’s ‘motives’ face her by the conniving Varun. She doesn’t give Abhay to be able to explain his position, and ironically, in the next phrase she claims tearfully,” Maine to par trust kiya tha Abhay.

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Ab samjhaane ke liye kuch bacha hai? What’s in the movie noteworthy, though, is the stellar performances by both the Chopras. While Miss Chopra suits the role of a divorced, smart, and sassy working mom to the T, it is actually Mr. Chopra who turns out to be the true scene stealer. His enactment of the unattractive, bespectacled, and underrated nerd, Abhay Sharma, is a long way off from his earlier debacle, Nicky, and Neil, and was a significant improvement. The film’s cinematography (courtesy, Santosh Thundiyil) could have been rated as high grade, got it not been failing on Thundiyil to fully capture Singapore’s real beauty.

Buildings are not the only facet of Singapore, Mr. Thundiyil. Music composer duo Salim-Sulaiman has the ability to think of a decent rating for the movie, with the feather on their cap being the upbeat (and instant hit) “Alisha”. Uday Chopra did a near excellent job with the dialogues – these were very real, very modern, something that today’s youth can relate with.

There were of course, occasions when one felt that a few of the “in” expressions were very compelled; it’s high time that people realized that everything American isn’t always hip. We’re still a long time from actually using certain terms and mannerisms away, and yes, Priyanka’s false highlight did have a tendency to get on one’s nerves over and over. Overall, though, Pyaar Impossible has nothing which hasn’t recently been tried and tested. It’s like an old wine in a new bottle, except that the new container has nothing at all not used to offer really. Go watch it only if you’re a Chopra fan.

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