Last year, a Kindred Black-the online boutique known because of its dreamy edit of home goods, sustainable fashion, and natural beauty-quietly presented its first house-label apothecary product: a natural rosewater toner. It had been a good spot to start, given rosewater’s anti-inflammatory benefits for your skin and its own aphrodisiac reputation. But this is no normal face tonic. Bottled in a weighty blown-glass vessel, the small cork stopper sealed in white wax, it sat heavy in the hand just like a crystal ball. I thought one on Frida Kahlo’s dressing desk or maybe Eileen Gray.

It seemed like an object not of the world-and in a way, it wasn’t. The rosewater came from a faraway group of Persian farmers who flipped over their opium-trade poppy fields to rose creation. And the product packaging was as old-world as possible get, courtesy of a Mexican maker employed in small-batch recycled glass. The 10-piece collection revolves around three core products. The initial rosewater is one. The second is organic jojoba, a rich golden oil that mirrors the epidermis’s lipid structure closely, making it perfect for the body and hair.

“It’s from a family-run plantation beyond Tucson, Arizona, in the Sonoran desert,” says Wells, describing their hunt for like-minded suppliers. “They are super-focused on keeping everything they do as sustainable as is possible, so we wanted to work with them really.” As well as for the face: prickly pear seed oil, an antioxidant powerhouse-doubly precious for its labor-intensive yield-sourced from Moroccan women’s collectives.

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It’s a straightforward base to a skin-care regimen, in part “because I don’t like aroma and Alice will,” Francis says with fun. That’s where the Bulgarian rose Otto essential oil, laced with balsam fir, comes into play: as an add-if-you-wish option for the jojoba. Another hand-blown bottle retains farm-distilled, food-grade peppermint oil, which Wells suggests dabbing onto the temples (to help ease headaches) or the tongue (for a digestion aid). Mixed into the physical body essential oil, it even works like a refreshing post-workout cool-down, Francis adds.

There are other ancillary jewels, too. The traditional herbal gas called Zdravetz- “health” in Bulgarian-is purportedly good for hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, and prematrimony fortitude: “They used to state a bridegroom should sleep in a field of zdravetz the night before his wedding,” Francis says. The organic CBD essential oil comes from a little farm in Tennessee, co-run by a woman who used the nonpsychoactive cannabinoid to help her steer clear of the pain (and painkillers) that adopted a vehicle accident. Immortelle oil-named for the rose that remains excellent yellow after they have expired-is another standout even, designed to magnify the youth-preserving power of the prickly pear face essential oil.

And last, in little cork-topped pots, are a good jasmine perfume and a creosote salve, offering the desert shrub prized in the Southwest as an all-purpose recovery ointment. The Kindred Black founders know that the audience for such a good looking, fragile collection is limited. “It’s not for everyone, particularly if you want to travel with it or take it to the fitness center,” says Francis, drawing on the bigger effects of beauty’s global imprint.

“For all of us, the world is where it is because things have gotten too convenient. It’s a lesson whoever has given up plastic straws or paper coffee cups understands. Plus, there’s an upside to the extra attentiveness that the glass vessels require. “I’m just a little allergic to the term self-care, but that is a huge thing,” Francis says. Wells agrees, explaining the ritual of everything. “Think about having this precious small bottle, almost like a potion, morning wherever you’re getting ready in the. It just makes that experience,” she says. The jars may be unbranded, but the message is clear: Decelerate one minute.

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