Get ready to capitalize on the abundant opportunities in the world of business. Douglas College’s Faculty of Business and Business Administration can help you launch a lifetime career in sectors vital to the economy, such as marketing, management, and hospitality. Our programs span it, accounting, administration, and economics as well. We offer informed, up-to-the-minute instruction. Our teachers are supported by active networks in their chosen areas. They have skills to spread that only experienced experts can give. Together, you will build the abilities, knowledge, and knowledge that produce success within the working office, boardroom, or your own business.

Our programs build on the skills employers need. Combining development with applied assignments, our courses offer abundant opportunities for hands-on experience beyond your classroom. You’ll reap the benefits of class projects that focus on real-work situations and from the resources inside our state-of-the-art computer labs. We’re dealing with you to build skills and connections for future years.

Get ready to begin your business profession at Douglas College. Please, check out Douglas College Business Association for upcoming occasions and activities structured by several business students and discover how you could take part or to become a part of the business. The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is a leading not-for-profit accreditation association for business education programs that support, rewards, and celebrates teaching excellence.

ACBSP promotes constant improvement and identifies quality in the accreditation of business education programs round the world. The ACBSP has accredited the Douglas College Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting and BBA in Financial Services. Ready for a major part of your business profession? The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program focuses on teaching you the career-ready skills you will need to reach your goals. Select from three specialties: Accounting, Financial Services or Management. Work experience of 500 hours must complete the BBA.

The issuance of a pre-levy notice might be advisable if there no contact with the taxpayer in the last 180 days. See IRM, Timeliness of Notice. When the Letter 1058 is released on initial connection with a BMF or mixture BMF/IMF taxpayer when a deadline is set for the taxpayer to take specific action.

  • Respect client property and its own value
  • Preliminary Cost Model
  • Tell me about your Project
  • Be engaging
  • Hidden delivery charges
  • Wore blue socks on Tuesdays

See IRM, Satisfying the Notice Requirement. When the Letter 1058 will be released during the initial contact on IMF case but a FEDCON levy is not yet appropriate. Note: The federal service provider exception in IRC 6330(f) pertains to a FEDCON levy. Just like a DETL levy, a FEDCON levy can be offered during a timely requested pre-or post-levy CDP hearing or judicial review of such hearing to gather taxes liabilities (FEDCON taxes periods) subject to the hearing. Prior to levying, you need to determine if Appeals or Counsel has information that prohibits levy (OIC, IA etc.) or may influence your choice to levy.

Follow the guidance in IRM for contacting Appeals or Counsel. FEDCON levies might be issued for any levy source, not federal payments just. Note: This refers to the CP 504 notice or the “Status 58” notice. If the CP 504 notice was not issued, issue the pre-levy CDP notice, L1058.