The world generally is burning – why could it be business as normal for politicians? The world is literally on fire – so why could it be business as usual for politicians? It’s business as normal because they’re protected from any kind of consequences because of their sociopath behavior. The results if they put a 500% tax on gas and banned meats is that they might be assassinated or at least completely wiped out in the next election. Discussion about the potential collapse of global civilization, thought as a significant decrease in population and/or politics/economic/social difficulty over a considerable area, for a protracted time. We seek to deepen our knowledge of collapse while providing mutual support, never to document every detail of our demise.

This simple strategy has made us hundreds in various market marketplaces and has even experienced the newspaper editorial team email us to see if we would like to donate to the magazine itself. In specialist publications you can often place a categorized ad for just a few pounds or dollars and know that it will be reaching your market.

The idea of these adverts is not to sell your product off the page but to operate a vehicle the readers to your site and ideally a name capture page. To do this, your advert must contain an advantage to the reader to put down the journal, go type and online in your website. Email CampaignsIf people already are on your email list this shouldn’t be the finish of your traffic-driving process. By causing sub lists of your main list you can then send targeted communications to operate a vehicle of your customer and potential customers to new sales web pages and will be offering.

ForumsYou may already know my view of discussion boards within the Internet Marketing area. However, forums in niche markets are an ideal way to drive traffic to your website still. However, PLEASE don’t go and blatantly promote your site on the forums…there are rules to follow. Of all First, find the community forums in your market and spend a little of your time ‘lurking’ reading the articles and watching the way they are replied. After a short while, you’ll get the feel of the panel and if they allow any promotion of websites or if you can use a personal file at the bottom of your post.

Once you realize the rules start answering some of the questions on the plank and leave your URL and/or signature. My own view with no marketing discussion boards is not to try to answer the questions; answer only a few and answer them with very good advice or recommendations completely. This will get you noticed more and build up credibility with the other people on the board.

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Conference CallsConference phone calls are an ideal way to build up an email list quickly and are an excellent relationship-building tool as well. You can either have a free of charge to become listed on the call or have participants pay a fee to become listed on you. In any event I’d approach other ‘players’ inside your market and have them would they promote your call for you. With a paid call an affiliate can be provided by you deal.

The call should be on a particular topic and through the call, you may make reference to several pages on your site or make a specific sales offer for guests. With a free call you may make the MP3 saving available afterwards stimulating your participants to tell others about any of it. This will generate a viral effect as the call gets handed around and subsequently drive traffic back to your website. I have an mp3 which is documented more than 3 years ago that still drives traffic to 1 of my sites every single week!