Back in 1997 I purchased a “Lifetime Membership” at Fitness USA. THE FITNESS CENTER closest to me shut in 2011. All of them are closing Now! 1000 on this membership! Now what do I / We do? A class-action lawsuit? So how exactly do members take up a course-action lawsuit? I’m an eternity member as well.

I’d like to join the course action. Really would go for another fitness center honoring the memberships. I likewise have an eternity membership and all of my locations are closing as well. I’m so frustrated. I’d like a right part of the course-action lawsuit. 1, 000.00 completely after I purchased it in 1997 and I’d like a refund due to the fact it was to be for a “lifetime” Please I want to know where I could join the course action lawsuit!

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I have been a “lifetime member” for probably over 20 yrs. Incidentally, I’m on board for a class action lawsuit as well. Sheila Burns How does get in this lawsuit into was a member in the 80’s at the wetland location. Membership. I’d sign up for regulations suit to get my money if they close the gospel location back again. I have been an eternity member since 1993 & just paid my 2-season renewal charge just to find out BOTH of our Fitness USA locations shut within 2 months of every other!

Sign me up for a course action lawsuit as well! 1000 for a lifetime membership back in 90’s. If anyone knows of a course-action suit, please post. I and many users of my family all have lifetime memberships and no fitness center will honor the connections. I and my children are interested in taking part in a lawsuit. I wish to participate a statutory suit too.

My 2 daughters and I’ve lifetime memberships and my child and son-in-law just bought lifetime memberships three years ago. That is baloney. Indication us up for the statutory law suit. I also want to be the area of the lawsuit! My entire family of five has lifetime memberships plus some of our extended has them too! I used to be a member since I had been fourteen!

I also want to be the area of the lawsuit! I likewise have a life membership & can’t find anyone that will honor it at another fitness center. I also desire to be part of the lawsuit! I have a lifetime membership also. My husband and I wish to be included.

We have lifetime memberships also. I would like 2 be included and I needed 10 fitness sessions still left what may I do? My dad and all my uncles experienced one as well. If anyone files a claim I would like to be notified. I mad my father spent over 1, 000 for a LIFETIME membership and is currently looking at spending more income for another regular membership since Fitness USA didn’t take the LIFETIME part serious.

They got thousands of dollars from people and then go “out of business”. I bought my Lifetime account in the late 80s when it was Slenderform back again. Fitness USA took over and honored the memberships! I paid good money and think they should stand behind it then! I likewise have a lifetime membership, I’ve had mine since 1993. And all the fitness USA center is closed I also want to be part of the regulation suit. I also desire to be part of the lawsuit!