With Fred Shefte now back again at the office full-time, the business can redirect attentions towards the existing issues and long-term path. So, what exactly are the current issues and long-term goals? We will put together these as briefly as you possibly can – as the detailed answers would comprise more than 60-pages of disclosures for an application 10 or S-1 filing.

The current game titles include this TUESDAY’s release of “GETTING GRACE” – which appreciated theatrical publicity on more than 95-theatres in 35 of the top 40 markets this past Spring. SIDE NOTE: DVDs of “GETTING GRACE” can be pre-ordered on-line now via AMAZON or WALMART, and we encourage shareholders to help us achieve a strong week-one sales through the purchase of the copy!

OTHER IMMEDIATE ISSUES include jump-starting some LEGAL responses which were put to keep during Shefte’s 7-week absence from the office. HHSE / MYFLIX ONGOING BUSINESS MODEL? With management having established that the lower-end titles are cash-intensive, time-consuming, and deliver only a very marginal revenue upside, the target has been to identify specific areas within the entertainment industry where a company such as Hannover House can stand out.

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For this reason, the business determined that the best technique for maximizing earnings and bottom-line results is a two-pronged strategy: Major Films for HHSE and MyFlix as a one-stop digital loading store. Buy “Major Films”, we imply that the company programs release a FOUR (4) features per season that have high-profile cast and which deserve (and get) wide theatrical distribution (500 or more locations). The first of these “Major Films” is a feature that’s 95% completed at the moment, and which HHSE plans to release a in early MARCH, 2019. This title is not announced.

It is management’s belief that MOST of the titles composed of these four annual tent-poles will ultimately have to be Made by (or with the assistance of), HHSE in the Studio capacity. FORM 10 REGISTRATION – The long-awaited filing of the company’s registration declaration is the first step in the company’s overall new start. Large funds and investors that have been hesitant (or prohibited) from helping HHSE as a Pinksheet stock will now be able to invest in HHSE stocks. 03 or higher. THE PROPER EXECUTION 10 may be submitted within the next few weeks, and the impact to the HHSE talk about price might be seen immediately – even though the S.E.C.

60-times to provide “comments” requiring the issuer’s response. P&A FUNDS SECURED AGAINST VIDEO / V.O.D. HHSE has been working with a successful P&A funds for a framework which provides significant (multi-million dollar) branches of theatrical release support for qualifying game titles under a significant studio Video / V.O.D. HHSE will enjoy the huge benefits (, and in advance fees) from the marketing of titles under this P&A structure – as well as gaining sales fees from theatrical settlements. Furthermore, the project of video privileges to the major studio partner relieves HHSE of the need for substantial video personnel and manufacturing money. 500,000 for a little indie creation.

Well, first of all, having three major celebrities in “MELTDOWN” provides pre-sale interest for the receipt of bankable licensing contracts. Additionally, after the conclusion of the creation, HHSE will start the movies to theaters under the P&A framework described above – also generating operating overhead through marketing fees, booking services and sales settlements.