We maintain a service infrastructure for IoT devices, and this is where we have a bit of our engineering talent quite. While balena focuses on IoT, nearly all our senior engineers do not require embedded programming expertise. Individuals who are successful as senior designers are well-rounded generalists. Senior engineers are capable of creating, architecting and own the execution of 1 or more tasks.

You are eager to take responsibility for a project, and have the ability to make good decisions about the task because the context is experienced by you of what’s important. Balena has a complex, interdependent system of systems, and we think senior engineers should want to develop with the entire company at heart, enhancing and using the libraries that are shared across projects.

We actively value investment in our own technology. We communicate proposals, consult with others in the united team and acknowledge opinions if it makes the effect better. We value the capability to learn, which is more important to us than knowledge of specific technologies. We realize that learning means being outside our safe place fast, which is Fine — we’d learn than let our assumptions enter our way rather. You have extremely good problem-solving abilities. You know how to split a complex problem into incremental pieces. You have the program engineering skills to solve problems.

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You can perform and complete software projects. You are comfortable presenting and talking about ideas with fellow balenista’s. An excellent written communicator, fluent in English. You remotely are able to work, with a remote control team around the world. You realize how your projects fits into the product as whole, and you’ll raise a flag if it’s not making sense. You understand the high level goals, and thus know how to prioritize your and potentially your team’s work. You think about how to make your self and others far better, you’d be bothered by an inefficient process.

You independent ego from critique of your projects and decisions, and can articulate criticism of others’ work and decisions well. We send you hardware for aspect tasks! To us, this means being effective while still preserving a wholesome work-life balance highly. You will need to remotely be able to work, and have a dependable internet access available so you can join video calls.

We are the same opportunity company and value diversity. We value knowledge and initiative more than educational and personal backgrounds, age, or location. We maintain a work environment in which team members are treated with respect at all times and where thoughts and ideas can be distributed openly. We communicate proposals, consult with others in the team and accept feedback if it creates the result better. We value the capability to learn, which is more important to us than knowledge of specific technologies. We know that learning fast means being outside our comfort zone, which is OK — we’d rather learn than let our assumptions enter our way.

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