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We presume that you are trying to print a document to the printer and nothing occurs or the Print Spooler merely crashes whenever you attempt to print. The best place to begin troubleshooting for “Print Spooler” problems is the Windows Event Viewer. Run, and sort “Eventvwr.msc” then hit Enter. The Windows Event Viewer will open. Go to the “Windows Logs” and look on the “Application” log and the “System” log for any print associated errors and warnings. You possibly can ultimately filter the evens by “Critical”, “Warning” and “Error” event stage.

It’s best to check whether you might have adequate disk space or if any corrupted print jobs are nonetheless in queue and can trigger your Print Spooler service to hold or crash. With a purpose to delete these files we are going to first have to cease the print spooler service (if it’s not already stopped or crashed). Run and type “providers.msc”.

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By doing so you’ll empty the print spooler queue and delete any remaining print jobs. Try to begin the “Print Spooler” service once more. The commonest downside that can cause the Windows 7 Print Spooler to crash or stop responding are the incorrect or outdated printer drivers. Try printing the same document on one other printer.

Still the identical problem? If not it may very well be printer driver. Try printing other document on the identical printer. Still problems additionally with this doc? This may very well be an issue with the document formatting. Try changing the printer driver with a newer or typically older printer driver. In case your driver it’s a PCL5 driver try with a PCL6 or Post Script printer driver or the other method round and see if it’s going to make any distinction.

Drivers can get old and depreciated and they should always be saved updated. Normally Windows 7 will install the default drivers to any plug and play printer you install into your system they usually may not be one of the best or the most recent ones. Go to the manufacturer webpage and download the most recent printer drivers for you printer and exchange the previous drivers. After changing the drivers attempt to restart the print spooler and print again. Try a unique doc also and see if the issue nonetheless occurs with other sort of documents.

Check the properties of the printer and try to “Print On to the Printer” and see if the error nonetheless happens. You too can disable the “Enable advanced printing features”. Always check the Event Viewer for errors after an unsuccessful print job as the occasion viewer can let you know extra about the cause of the crash. Note: After altering the printer driver it is always a good observe to try and restart the Print Spooler service and test the queue folder for any un-printed paperwork. Next Page: Less Common Print Spooler failure causes and abstract.