Today I’m talking with the YA article writer that got a vibrant step (before J.K.Rowling too I will add) and parted ways with her agent to create her own posting firm. I fulfilled Kate Grace on the YA writer’s community inkpop and remember being just a tad jealous with she agreed upon with rock star agent Bree Ogden.

I’ve watch her trip curiously through interpersonal mass media and my journalistic instincts for the better of me and I convinced her to share her story around. Sharon: So Kate, reveal a bit about your journey that lead you to where you are now. Kate: I’ve always been an avid reader and writer in my own personal life.

Through very hard times while growing up so that as an adult, writing was what I considered for release always. Writing was for me while other forms of storytelling and expression I did outwardly such as painting, photography and theater. After college (Columbia College in Chicago) I gravitated to editing and writing for magazines and blogs, then a few years later when to grad school for Journalism at Columbia University in NYC.

I fell involved with it while working my way through The Artist’s Way. I acquired mixed up in improv humor picture in NYC really. In 2008 I acquired sick and tired and was hospitalized really. After released I didn’t have the same energy as before and residing in NYC was difficult (and depressing) because I couldn’t physically be involved in anything beyond just going to work and going home.

I turned to writing again, but publications even got old. I started experimenting writing scenes about my two nieces, putting them in fictional scenarios. The knowledge converted a light on for me personally. Sharon: Your debut novel ‘Burden of the Soul’ is out now. Tell us a little about the story and how you came up with the concept?

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Kate: The storyplot follows 17-year-old Clara, a average teenager on all accounts completely, coming to conditions with her role in a fight of Good vs. Evil. She’s half of the oldest soul caught in the center of a transcendental battle being played out inside our physical world. She manages to lose family, she loses her touch on truth and through this fights with love, loss, and the fact the prospect of Bad and Good exists atlanta divorce attorneys person, in equal measures.

She begins to question herself and those around her while learning about all the diverse facets of love and the eager measures it can sometimes drive us to, because even love has its dark aspect. It’s a hard and conflicted journey she’s on, torn between a great love and the other half of her soul being utilized as a weapon against her.

It’s difficult to say where the concept came from exactly. WHILE I began writing Burden of the Soul I didn’t know where it was going. I’ve read lots of quotes from writers about their main heroes, that if they had known what their main personality had in mind in the beginning they probably wouldn’t have began writing. I feel that way a little about Clara, now knowing more about where her journey is certainly going especially. By doing this I feel like Clara and lots of other characters took over to tell their story.