This is the only guide to oats you’ll ever need. This website is home of the Green Thickie: The green food in a cup containing fruit, greens, seeds, nut products and oats (or other fillers). A Green Thickie is an extremely filling up healthy delicious meal alternative drink. I get a lot of questions about oats, so hopefully this guide can help you learn more about oats even though you don’t plan to add these to your smoothies.

There are so many benefits of oats, it’s well worth eating them daily once and for all health. This guide to oats will help you understand the different types of oats and ways to use them in your meals and for your skin layer. As this site is approximately smoothies (Meal replacement unit smoothies made from fruit, oats, and greens called Green Thickies) I should probably begin by telling you how to use oats in your smoothies. You may get more detail below about the various types of oats and how to prepare them. Rolled Oats: You can just throw these into the blender plus they don’t need to be pre-prepared. I use this type of oats.

Oat Groats/ Steel Cut Oats: I soak these in drinking water right away, drain them (some individuals like to rinse) and add them to my smoothies. That is more healthy but requires more organization. These oat is used by me groats for my smoothies. I also grind this into oat flour in my own blender and utilize it to make muffins. If you are worried about gluten, you can get hold of Gluten Free Oats here.

I always treasured oats for my breakfast. For the day A good plate of porridge would arrange me up. I used to have a green smoothie accompanied by porridge to fill me up. ONCE I acquired a baby I much longer experienced time to consume my porridge no. I’d just moved to Scotland recently and thought, why not embrace the national grain and add oats to my green smoothie. THEREFORE I combined the green smoothie with the porridge and the Green Thickie was born. Each morning now ever since that has been my breakfast. The benefits of oats in a green smoothie are that it’s extremely filling just like a plate of porridge and it creates your smoothie so creamy.

Oats have always been grown up in Scotland as they grow well in frosty, damp conditions. Oats have been the staple grain of the diet since middle ages times. They might cook a batch of porridge, keep it in a drawer, and eat it for days, frying it and cutting slices off it or make it into oatcakes. There was actually a university or college holiday called ‘Meal Mondays’ where students would go back home and go and choose oats for almost all their meals. The Scots would soak their oatmeal with drinking water and a pinch of sodium overnight, which would reduce the cooking time down to only a few minutes in the morning.

This article has even more information about the background of Scottish oatmeal if you’re interested. I could write a reserve about all the benefits of oats and it still wouldn’t scratch the surface. This is such an amazingly healthy grain that it’s hard to believe people used to think this was only a weed. Oats returned into fashion in the 80s whenever a health trend swept over the country.

Stabilizes blood sugar: Oats keep you fuller for longer without sugar highs and crashes. Lowers the cancer risk: Oats have high levels of fiber, which lower estrogen levels which prevents tumor. Reduces high blood circulation pressure: 1 in 3 adults has hypertension. Oats are saturated in soluble fiber which really helps to reduce hypertension. Keeps bowel motions regular: The high fiber content helps speed the passage of the bowel through your body reducing constipation. Can help you lose weight: Oats help you feel fuller longer that curbs your hunger.

Studies have shown that children who eat a bowl of oatmeal a day are 50% less inclined to suffer from obesity. Improves athletic performance: It has been shown that oats change metabolism and enhance performance if consumed about an hour before exercise. Oats help have an extended healthier life: Oat of all the grains, oats have a higher better balance of proteins, and a good balance of essential fatty acids. Oats have a great selection of vitamins and minerals and beta glucan, which helps the physical body to cure quickly. Oats are tasty: Oats employ a neutral taste so they can be added to various kinds of food and used for many different dishes.

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Oats may help you sleep: According to Dr. Oz, Oats are also good at nighttime to help beat insomnia. Any type can be used by you of oats you like in your smoothies. I will list the oats below to be able. The ones at the top of the list are more heavily processed so they will be easier to soak, cook, and blend. But these are less nutritious and less tasty. Instant Oatmeal (like this) has a flour persistence, is very processed heavily, steamed, rolled, steamed, dehydrated, and toasted then.

These are extremely easy to merge a smoothie however the least nutritious. Only buy plain instant oats as the flavored ones will contain glucose. A number of the plan instant oats will contain added nutrients as most of the original nutrients may have been stripped away. These cook in a minute or two.