Which codec must I use for better video quality? Does this product record video from a video media player while playing on my PC? Texts are not sharp enough, they appear blurry. What is the utmost time a video can be documented by me with BSR Display Recorder? Did it record up to 8 hours non-stop? Video recording (or snapshot features) will not provide sharp (or smooth) catches. The saving video is blank (dark display screen). Can the documented video be saved in a wide screen format? How can I delete a portion of a video?

How may a blank more than a certain part of the video display screen (for example to keep a merchant account quantity confidential)? I’ve implemented the instructions but still cannot record the audio of what is noticed from the loudspeakers. It doesn’t record sound or the sound will come in very muted. It can be heard hardly. When recording webcam sessions, is it possible to capture audio both from speakers and microphone at the same time? The ‘From Speakers’ option in sound source selection is grayed out or not listed. Screen Recorder records sound from microphone in spite of establishing it to record from Speakers or records from speakers rather than the microphone.

I cannot record sound. Initially, the sound quality was very good, now it is broken up. A Realtek is had by me sound card and I cannot use the audio settings in BSR Screen Recorder. How do I reduce sizes of video files I record? What exactly are the settings for better quality?

How may I raise the SWF quality? How can I increase the quality for a WMV video (Windows Media Video)? I’ve versions 3, four or five 5 of BSR Screen Recorder, how do I upgrade it to version 6? How do I try the new version? Can I get a refund after purchase?

How can I enter my license key into BSR Screen Recorder? Will there be any restriction to the trial version of the program? So how exactly does the trial period last long? Can you really take away the watermarks from the prior videos I recorded with the trial version? I want to buy BSR Screen Recorder on Windows XP, will it be possible to improve to Home windows or Vista 7? Will I have the ability to download the XP and Vista (or Windows 7 or 8) versions of the BSR with one purchase?

If I change my computer with a new one, or format my hard drive, will I have the ability to use the same license key? How can I decide on a video file to try out back? How can I close/disable tooltip balloons? I’m getting an error and BSR suddenly closes. It generally does not save the document to a folder. Which codec should I use for better video quality?

For better video quality you may use Xvid video codec. Then when you restart BSR, it’ll choose Xvid as the saving video codec automatically. Does this product record video from a video media player while playing on my PC? BSR Screen Recorder can record whatever you see on your display.

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However overlaid video and replays can’t be recorded by display screen recorders. Video Compression configurations. For example, the default video mode will not give a clear screen of texts in full-screen mode. You can test to record with DivX or XviD codecs. What is the utmost time that a video can be recorded by me withBSR Screen Recorder?

Can it record up to 8 hours non-stop? The only criteria for the limit of the saving is your harddisk capacity. While recording, when the document exceeds a specific size (1.9 GB by default), BSR Display Recorder saves the document and switches to a new document automatically. Each file can’t be more than 2 GB. In the ‘Other Settings’ you will see the draw mode options for video and picture catches. Smooth’ will record with ‘blurring’ in it, ‘Sharp’ will produce sharp pictures/video displays. Red playback demonstrates Adobe flash Media Player uses much storage to play the sex too. That is related to the Flash Media Player’s memory handling.

Reducing the “Playback Rate” can help Flash Player to take less storage. For reducing the Playback Rate, click the Advanced button in the SWF converter and reduce Playback Rate value. Why the saving video is blank (dark screen)? Screen recorder applications cannot record overlaid video from the display screen unless some configurations are done by you.