The vests, with arrows directing traffic away from pedestrians and cyclists, have shown to lessen the true variety of traffic incidents involving these groupings. Gordon Lovegrove, a UBC Okanagan associate professor in the institution of Engineering, suggests a little of visual reinforcement, coupled with driver education ingrained into safety apparel, may curb needless fatalities and incidents.

Almost half of the world’s traffic fatalities are pedestrians and cyclists based on the World Health Organization. Even though improved vehicle systems and designs can protect drivers, vulnerable motorists (VRUs)-mostly cyclists and walkers-rely primarily on infrastructure systems such as separated sidewalks and cycle track networks to reduce their risk and navigate roads securely, he clarifies. Lovegrove and his industry collaborator, Takuro Shoji, started their research study by reviewing earlier projects centered on the role communication takes on in the security of vulnerable road users.

Using proprietary high-visibility bicycling apparel that has an arrow sign, the team of researchers investigated cyclists’ perception of driver reactions. Although the research was based on a relatively small sample size, results reveal that moving traffic provided cyclists more respect by slowing their rates of speed and providing wider berths when the riders were putting on reflective outfits with an arrow mark. Lovegrove’s research involved road testing using cyclists with and without presence vests, as well vests with differing images or communication tools. An online survey also determined participants showed a preference for the arrow vest design, including comments that it was felt to be the very best and conveyed a safer ‘keep left’ message.

Lovegrove points out that ‘be safe, be seen’ is a declaration often used as it pertains to the basic safety of VRUs. For instance, cyclists have been advised-or in a few jurisdictions mandated-to use helmets, front and rear lamps, reflectors and brightly-coloured clothing with retroreflective markings. He provides that improvements to infrastructure for VRUs need more investments. However, many government authorities and road authorities lack capital or have not managed to get important to implement full VRU safety measures, with many gaps in infrastructure and networks.

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