Famous Hubber James A. Watkins is proud to declare the publication of his long-awaited first reserve, Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years. He is grateful for HubPages because during his years writing a huge selection of Hubs the knowledge was gained by him, feedback, and confidence he needed to complete and post his first non-fiction volume.

Jesus in the World separates what’s true from what is false concerning how the VERY GOOD NEWS was spread by those who love Jesus regardless of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and struggling severe hardships. We will examine the life span of Jesus first, and the teachings of and about Him, which profoundly changed countless individuals and communities.

Let us lift away the dross which means you can obviously see and comprehend the Truth about the founding of the Christian Faith and your body of Christ. The recorded background of Jesus and His followers is an amazing story. How could this man, a person who had resided in such obscurity throughout the majority of His life, become the most famous person of most right time?

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Today, there are two billion people who think that Jesus was the Son of Father God, the Creator of the Universe which he was, in reality, resurrected from the dead after his crucifixion. Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years will help women and men who have questions about the origins of the Christian Faith and the Church come to understand the amazing true story. It’ll do your spirit good to read this written book. Along the real way, we will answer life’s big questions: Who are we?

Where do we come from? What makes we within this Vale of Tears? Where are we going after this full life is over and we go beyond the Great Divide? Who is God, and exactly what does He want from us? It shall be well worth your time to read this phenomenal story. It reveals the entire lives of the Apostles, the first Christians, the Church Fathers, and exactly how they spread the good thing far and wide in ancient times miraculously.

We explore the background of the Jews, Romans, Celts, and Germans. We delve into how the Bible arrived to be-were any lost or banned books there? What did Constantine really do-and not do? How was the Church-the Body of Christ-organized using its places of worship, rituals, and doctrines? Who are the Catholic Saints and what were their lives like?

What was the offer with Relics? Exactly what is a heretic anyway and why should we care? Who had been the Monks and what did they do? We will also have a look at the flowering of Byzantium before our tale leads to about AD 600. For what happens after that you will have to await the sequel.

Explore the amazing story of Jesus getting into our world and exactly how He changed it forever. We investigate the foundations of the Bible and the Church, as well as the backdrop of the individuals involved. If you read Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years you will come to appreciate the essential truths that undergird the Christian Worldview. My book is not written by or for an academic but compiled by as well as for a layman in ordinary language.

I believe I have some unique insights into what the person on the street wants to learn. I have released hundreds of internet magazine articles. The over 40,000 responses I received have persuaded me that most people in the West no more know the foundational truths about how Christianity flowered, or even what it is, but do it again memes discovered from postmodern anti-Christian fictions instead.

They are defenseless against the wily darts of the Devil. James A. Watkins can be an entrepreneur, musician, and writer. A lifelong student of history, theology, and politics; he loves people, books, music, and movies. An autodidact and a voracious audience who acquired read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica by age twelve, James is a convivial conversationalist and a gentlemanly generalist always.