For time now I’ve been recommending that social mass media as we’ve come to address it over the last few years doesn’t really matter any longer since it just is. We’ve given up on seeing it as some split practice and accepted that it’s just a function of marketing that must be integrated. Lately I’ve started to wonder if public behavior, not social press, is actually much more than we’ve manufactured from it. We’ve bolted certain socially enabled practices on to our businesses to provide greater reach, customer service, and the pretense of connection, but I question if we’ve halted in short supply of the true potential of cultural dreadfully.

Even those that preach social strategy are usually discussing finding ways to use interpersonal tactics to support existing business strategies and models. My perception is that the real opportunity is to build a fully social business model, one that addresses the full total picture of cultural behavior. One that moves beyond cultural techniques to a location where social is the business, is a right part of each thought.

First off let me claim that we’ve always had social behavior, in some cases we’ve got it in our businesses. People have always been drawn to people and causes they believed in and linked with. We’ve always became a member of forces and collaborated in ways to impact change and grow. We’ve always belonged to communities that nurtured and backed our basic needs and our needs to be sociable animals.

The significant evolution during the last 10 years is that technology has allowed us to behave in this manner without the constraint of geography. We are actually free to find, coalesce, and join around distributed ideas no matter where we are. That dynamic has impacted the world of business in ways that I don’t know that we’ve all come to totally appreciate.

Connection is currently possible with anyone. Collaboration is currently possible all over the place. Community can be done with everyone now. The true social business model involves anyone, everyone, everywhere. So, if we were to totally embrace this notion we would begin to think of public as something far beyond marketing. Were we to treat this notion as a business model, then we would have to apply core social tenets to every element of the business.

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