Over The Counter VS. Do You Know The Difference Between Over The Counter and Cosmeceutical Grade Skin Care Products? I have already been thinking about this topic for a while. I had to perform errands 1 day last week and decided while I was in Costco I would look at all of the skin care products and the ingredients in them. I know how boring right Yes?

I love this about my line of work.I am very seriously interested in skin care! My patients, family & friends know this about me. I have tested almost every skin care collection. I just prefer to know what’s out there. I have people ask me constantly about skin care products, it’s my job to know.

  • Baseball caps only protect the top third of your face
  • Check For Skin Allergies
  • Do not take a hot shower when you have a sunburn, for your sake
  • Tanning method is specific to your skin type
  • Alpha-hydroxy acids

So I simply wanted to put these details out here which means you would know the difference between Over The Counter and Cosmeceutical skincare products. I hope this helps if you are undecided on what is right for you and your epidermis! So here we go! Over-the-counter is any skin care product that can be purchased without a prescription.

OTC’s products do NOT have the same amount of substances that cosmeceuticals have, They are NOT permitted to. Cosmeceuticals are pharmaceutical quality products that are just available through doctors or certified aestheticians! Cosmeceuticals include a higher amount of active ingredients than you could purchase OTC plus they penetrate deeper into the epidermis the Dermis to be exact. Why are substances important?

These will be the things that making a big change in your skin. A number of the conditions or concerns that most consumers are trying to correct: Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Fine lines & Wrinkles, Hydration, Sun Spots ext. So OTC products ONLY work with the outer most layer of the skin. This is the skin you see when looking in the reflection.

So when you use OTC products you are applying the merchandise and it just sits on the surface of the skin. It shall not permeate any deeper! I know. Think of all the money spent over the years on products that just work on the surface. OTC products have so many fillers, parabens, dyes, scent it plus they down are likely watered. Look at your products, what is the first ingredient?

This is exactly what your product mostly includes. Medical Grade products work with the LIVE tissues in the Dermis! Cosmeceuticals make changes in the dermis. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT! This is exactly what you want to target with skincare products! We want to eliminate any unhealthy pores and skin cells that cause pigmentation problems or uneven skin texture. You want to BOOST collagen, and increase cell turnover plastic, this is exactly what makes healthy epidermis. When our collagen and elastin are divided, we will not have that tight plump-looking epidermis.

It is very hard to replace collagen and elastin after it has been damaged, this is why you ought to be using a cosmeceutical on a daily basis which means you can protect and protect what you have! Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products UNDERTAKE Multiple Layers of Skin Penetrating The Dermis. One the largest reasons consumers purchase OTC products are because they think they cannot afford medical grade cosmeceuticals.

This is not true. Most OTC products you get from the medication store, shops, independent cosmetic sales consultants, or perhaps a shopping mall kiosk are the same price or even more expensive often. You end up using more of the merchandise and replacing it sooner. Also cosmeceuticals are more affordable because they have a higher focus of great quality elements, they longer because you do not use as much last, and they don’t pay for T.V. So, does this mean OTC products do not work? They will only superficially work. And this is where you end up with multiple skincare products that you get sick and tired of because they do not work so you throw them in a drawer or trash can.