Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to welcome in Craig Hemke of the TF Metals Report. Craig, pleasant back again, and thanks a lot for signing up for us. Today, How are you? Craig Hemke: Mike, Day Happy Pet Rock. Mike Gleason: Good start. Craig, I want to talk about silver first off here. Silver is showing some real life finally these last couple of days. It has been underperforming gold and that was making us a bit nervous certainly, we’d rather see silver confirming gold’s move higher.

What do you label of silver’s under-performance to this point, Craig? And then, what exactly are you planning on for the white metal moving forward and it is this bump that we’ve seen here over the last couple of days in silver the beginning of something, perhaps? Craig Hemke: Mike, that is clearly a question that requires a lot of different answers that hopefully kind of link together. 49 was almost specifically what we should call a commercial short press. First thing you need to understand is JP Morgan still has a monopolistic control of the pricing structure, at least as it applies through the COMEX.

They’ve worked very difficult within the last several years to paint silver into a large part and you will see that on the every week chart. 14, the purchase price maintains getting wedged tighter and tighter into a corner below some development lines, the 200-week moving average. Why is silver under-performing? I believe that’s it.

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So, I think that’s the biggest thing. 16. Recently Now, week here this, we’ve seen silver precious metal rally and there’s a lot of speculation as to what’s happening with that. The thing I think is probably most interesting as well as perhaps even most valid is this notion that some big institutions have been, because of looking at the gold/silver ratio, have been long gold and short silver in this technique.

I don’t know, there might be some validity to that, but let’s watch real carefully here, Mike, because yes it’s fascinating. 17 as well as your old friend Craig are going to begin to get really excited, but between and then now, it’s still heading to be a tough fight for this next 10% from here. Mike Gleason: Yeah, still trapped for the reason that range for certain and until it pops through that one of many ways or the other, it’s hard to get too, too excited, but we’ll be watching. You wrote something on Tuesday that I needed to find yourself in.

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