Your core beliefs will be the deeply held values that authentically explain your soul. Throughout a 2006 a vacation to Argentina, business owner Blake Mycoskie fulfilled a woman who caused a volunteer business that offered shoes to kids in need. Mycoskie joined up with in the reason and visited town after community and noticed first hands the sores, blisters, and attacks not having shoes caused.

He was deeply effected. He returned to American inspired with a vision. The One For One business model was the core mission of his shoe company. For each and every shoe they sell, Toms will give footwear to someone in need. This core value of service has made Mycoskie and Toms very successful and set the path for how he’d operate his then small company, which includes grown to untold thousands of dollars in sales.

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Core values are enduring beliefs or ideals that drive one’s behavior. It tells us “what is and what is not good” in our activities. These guiding principles influence how exactly we make our choices, what options we do make, and frequently times how exactly we are judged inside our actions by these choices.

Like Katy Perry says in the song Roar, “I stood for nothing at all, so I fell for everything.” Avoid being that Katy. What happens when an individual or company doesn’t have sound core ideals? Well, ask Lance Armstrong and previous users of the management team at Enron how that went. Without core ideals, clear ideals and guiding concepts that help us in our decision making, we are playing with fire.

Tiger Woods’ domination of the golfing world arrived crashing down when it was reported that he had been living a double life filled up with lies, cover-ups, and further marital affairs. Core beliefs help us make the tough decisions. I love the concept that with clear beliefs, decisions are easy. It really is wished by me was that simple, but if we haven’t analyzed what we stand for, the kind of person we want to be, and what’s important to us, decisions aren’t easy sometimes. By taking ownership of your values and defining your beliefs – what’s important to you – you are setting up a system that will show you through the challenges life throws us.

What have you learned from them? How do you want these to see you? How will you want your children to see you? Remember, most children do what you do, not what you say. If you haven’t yet, it is time to think about your core values and write them down. While speaking to a leadership class at Sumner High School, I distributed my core beliefs.

I came up with an acronym: GEARS. To be able to achieve our goals and final destination in this journey of life, it’s important – as being a car – to have the transmission (your perception system) in the right gear. Gratitude: in every thing be pleased. Right Thing: “R” is a symbol of “Do the proper thing.” The definition of integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking.

Pete Carroll’s first two stints as a mind trainer in the NFL didn’t go as well as he had hoped. First with the brand-new York Jets and with the New Britain Patriots later, both ending in him being fired. This time from the game compelled him to re-evaluate his coaching philosophies away.

While as a mind trainer in NY and NE, Pete experienced he was not letting his true primary beliefs and beliefs glow through. He conformed his approach to meet the old school expectations of leading the way NFL teams will always be lead: having no fun and coaching players out of fear, of uplifting them instead.